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Lughnassadh celebrates the start of the harvest season, when the first fruit and vegetables of the land has ripened, and we enjoy fresh local produce.  More than anything, it is a time to express gratitude for the much-giving earth and her many blessings, and to honor the sun god Lugh.  Here is a prayer of wonder and gratitude you might want to say when you sit down to enjoy your feast of corn, roasted veggies and good fresh bread! 

Happy Lughnassadh from all of us at SpiritWays! 

From “A Book of Pagan Prayer” by Ceisiwr Serith

How wonderful! How marvelous!

This food is the gift of the Earth from which it grew.

How wonderful! How marvelous!

This food is the gift of those who drew it forth and 
those who prepared it.

How wonderful! How marvelous!

This food is the gift of the gods and goddesses.

How wonderful! How marvelous!

We give, in return, our thoughts and prayers,
our words and deeds.

A gift for a gift, 

with thanks to the givers.

How wonderful! How marvelous!

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