Gemstones and Chakras Workshop

 Come and have fun creating your own gemstone/chakra medicine bag! You will hand-select your own stones and fill it with gemstones.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

1:00 - 2:15 p.m.

Pre-register to reserve a spot in class

This is what you will learn in this 75-minute class:


Ÿ  The gemstones and their metaphysical properties

Ÿ  Colors of the chakras and the corresponding gemstones

Ÿ  Chakras and how they relate to your total health

Ÿ  Creating a meditation for intention setting

Ÿ  Infusing the stones with intention

Ÿ  Clearing the stones


You will receive:


Ÿ  A handout with basic information

Ÿ  A pouch for your chakra gemstones

Ÿ  A gemstone for each chakra, and two for the throat chakra  



Cost of class is $22

Retail value of the gemstones and bag is $30

Class taught by Gail Tracy

Every 3rd Saturday
of the Month

7pm - 9pm

 01/19/2019 * 02/16/2019 

03/16/2019 * 04/20/2019 

05/18/2019 * 06/15/2019 

07/20/2019 * 08/17/2019 


11/16/2019 *  NO Drum Circle
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